Whilst bathrooms are a very important room in anyone’s home, remodeling a bathroom can be quite a challenge as they are often the smallest spaces provided for, especially in a small house or apartment.

However we enjoy tackling these challenges, and take out of your hands the worry of out dated plumbing, poor wall conditions, humidity and confined spaces that were not built with today’s focus on hygiene and comfort in mind. Bathrooms require special attention and true skill to ensure that after the renovation you are not faced with issues that have arisen before.

Our team of project managers have years of experience renovating bathrooms and a wealth of knowledge to assist you in deciding what is feasible and what is not. With any bathroom renovation goes the excitement of choosing your finishes, which all depend on your budget and taste.


Bathroom Renovation Tips


• Your geyser: Consideration must be made regarding your hot water heating system (geyser). Is it new, are you keen on a new energy source such as solar water heating, or to save costs with a geyser control unit? Many systems are old and need replacement before the process of remodeling your bathroom. The last thing you would want is for your tank to burst once your bathroom is complete.

• Design: Do you really have the space for everything you would like to fit in your bathroom?

• Tiles: Choices of tile range from ceramics, to porcelain, polished porcelain, travertine, terra cotta and slate which can all be combined with an enormous choice of mosaics, listellos (borders) and cut patterns.

• Vanity units: Ranging from “off the shelf” units which include a basin to custom designed units manufactured from various products. These could be floor standing or floating (wall mounted).

• Sanitary ware and taps: The choice seems endless. We can point you in the right direction to make affordable choices of taps, mixers, baths, basins, toilets and accessories.

• Lighting and Extraction: Is your bathroom well ventilated and well lit? If not you should consider extraction and lighting upgrades to provide adequate light, day and night. Many bathrooms have the smallest window in the house or apartment.


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