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We are a Cape Town, Southern Suburbs based renovations company offering our clients a unique and dynamic experience in remodeling environments, with a holistic view to your requirements. Therefore we tackle every part of your renovation from floors up, to windows, to ceilings! We are kitchen installation specialists and take pride in offering you the best in kitchen renovations in Cape Town!

Our services include but are not limited to:

Planning and kitchen design

Kitchen renovations and new kitchen installations

Bathroom renovations and remodelling

Living space remodelling, including bedrooms, studies, lounges and TV Rooms

Interior design and soft furnishings

Interior building services including our own plumbing, electrical and tiling professionals

Commercial and other large scale renovations


If you’re considering several projects, rank them in order of importance, bearing in mind maintenance items should be given priority. You will want to fix your leaky roof before we lay a new wooden floor below.

and consider the strengths and weaknesses of your property. We are an experienced team and can assist with these decisions.

Can you afford to renovate, or NOT to renovate?! Any credible company should require budget parameters in order to prepare an accurate proposal. The biggest costs in the process are labour and since it entails more than simply redecorating, they require many hours of professional work.

and the look you like, the textures you like. Investigate online through the various channels ideas that you like, so that we have a guideline within which to work.

Many small jobs can be done by your local handyman and at a great saving. The same applies to replacement components or small upgrades. If in doubt please call us and we can advise you on the best route to follow.

so that we are all working from the same page

It’s no fun at all living in a construction site, so first consideration with a major renovation should be to move out! Alternatively speak to us about confinement of the mess and what is and is not possible.

leave it to us and we’ll worry about the rest.


Renovations & Installations

Your kitchen is more than just a selection of cupboards with a top and doors. It is the most focal point of your home, We view your kitchen in its entirety and consider every aspect from design, your personal preferences in layout, where your plumbing and electrical points need to be through to how high your counter tops and how wide your floor spaces should be. Yes even this is not standard, just as people are not standard in height or size.


• Distances in the preparation and cooking area should be kept as short as possible to make your kitchen a pleasure to work in.

• Do you have an existing kitchen that you don’t like? What don’t you like about it?

• What items do you want to put the most money towards or what items or areas are you prepared to save on?

• Have you thought of food storage? This would depend on whether you shop daily, weekly or monthly.

• Lighting and ventilation must be high on your priority list. There are many lighting facets to a kitchen that can be incorporated into the design.

• An island or breakfast counter. Both are great to haves, but do you really have the space, is it going to be a functional part of your kitchen or an added seating area.

• Are there walls that could be removed to open your kitchen to create a greater flow of living space?

Black Stone Renovations - Kitchen Cupboard Installations


Black Stone Renovations - Renovations Company
What are the steps to take in the design and project process?

We start by listening and handle all the details from concept to completion. We use our four phase process to ensure a smooth flow of work from start to finish.

What makes you different?

At Black Stone we are a small business. Each of our projects is handled by one of our partners, and therefore gives you the absolute peace of mind that we see your project through to your entire satisfaction. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are very good at bringing your ideas to life.

How do you deal with Body Corporates?

More than 50% of our renovation and remodeling contracts take place in apartments and flats. We understand that each Body Corporate has its own “House Rules” and to these we abide. Any pre-authorisations, structural reports or design changes will be passed on to you to present to your Body Corporate for approval.

How much does a Kitchen or Bathroom cost?

A question often asked, but it is not possible for us to give a generalised answer. We will work through the four phase process and the “cost” is based on the ultimate scope of work and finishes chosen. Obviously we will work within your budget from entry level to high end luxury.

Can I change my mind about something?

Yes as long as we have not committed financially to secure labour or products. Cost implications may arise though should a certain amount of work have been already carried out and you decide to proceed differently.

Can I do some of the work myself?

Yes you can DIY! It is often the case that peoples budgets do not extend as far as they would like ! In these instances many of our clients have carried out either the demolishing or finishing themselves.

Can I provide my own sanitary ware?

Yes you may purchase your own sink, taps, bath tubs, basin etc and hand them to us for installation. We do however make allowances for all these items in you proposal.

How long will the renovation take?

This depends again in the scope of work. A small bathroom or kitchen can take up to three weeks, once consideration has been made to stripping, plumbing, electrical, building, tiling, cabinetry, counter tops and other finishes.

Can you assist us in choosing appliances?

Yes we can assist in choosing the right appliance and can make recommendations based on your budget.

What are your payment terms?

Depending on the scope of the project our payment process is;
1. A retainer (5%) at the acceptance of proposal phase (phase two of our four phase process),
2. A deposit to provide working capital prior to commencement
3. Progression payments spread out over the duration of the project as detailed in the contract and balance on completion.


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Feel free to contact us regarding any of our renovation services. We love what we do and look forward to assisting you.

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